10 Amazing astro photographs- Tribute to the brightest start ‘Stephen Hawkings’

World-renowned physicist ‘Stephen Hawking’ was famous for his groundbreaking research on black holes and relativity. Hawkings was celebrated for inspiring public interest and passion for space and science. He died at the age of 76 in the early hours of Wednesday morning. This article is the tribute to his work for science and humanity through photography. As you scroll through these amazing photographs of the night sky you can’t help but think about Hawking’s contribution to the world of science and astrophysics. Do share this article if you feel the same emotions.Here are 10 beautiful photographs that define the beauty of the night-sky and pay tribute to the brightest star in the history of astrophysics ‘ Dr. Stephen Hawking’.
1. Startrail- On the plateau of the Muses on Mount Olympus
Photographer: Konstantinos V

^*Stargate*^ by Konstantinos Vasilakakos on 500px.com

2.False Kiva Canyonlands Milky Way

Photographer: Christopher Herbert

False Kiva Canyonlands Milky Way by Christopher E. Herbert on 500px.com

3.Milky way

Photographer:Carlos F Turienzo

Celestial Illusion by Carlos F Turienzo on 500px.com

4.Aurora Winds At Krikjufell

Photographer:Daniel Reuber

Aurora Winds At Krikjufell by Daniel Reuber on 500px.com

5.Star trail:Panong lake

Photographer: Nimit Nigam

Magical Nights at Pangong Lake by Nimit Nigam on 500px.com

6. Eclipse

Photographer: Andres Jesus Delgado

Eclipse 2015 by Andres Jesus Delgado on 500px.com

7. Setting Supermoon

Photograph by: Aaron Groen

Setting Supermoon by Aaron Groen on 500px.com

8. Solar eclipse

Photographer: Thanakrit Santikunaporn

Total Solar Eclipse by Thanakrit Santikunaporn on 500px.com

9. Comet passing planet earth


Comet moving passing planet earth by Johan Swanepoel on 500px.com

10. Statelite communicator

Satellite communications with earth reflecting in solar panels by Johan Swanepoel on 500px.com


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