Top 7 tips which will help you click awesome photos with your DSLR camera

It can be a bit tricky to take best pictures especially if you are an amateur photographer trying to learn new things. All the settings and the dials can get extremely confusing but all you want to do is learn all the good techniques as fast as possible and crack on with taking awesome pictures. Here are some basic tips which will help you to achieve your goals quicker.

Here are 7 Tips to take better photos
1. It’s a date
When we go out on a date we try to get to know the other person better by giving them time. If you want to fall in love with photography make sure you spend time getting to know your camera. Read the manual, blogs, see online tutorials and gather as much information as you can.
2. Three-legged friend
When you are a beginner your hand can get shaky resulting in a shot that is not of good quality. To minimize the camera shake invest in descent tripod which will help you alot in stabilizing your shot. Once you start getting good shots you will build up your confidence eventually.
3. Shoot often
I can not stress enough how much of a difference it is going to make to your skills once you start shooting every day or at least every weekend. You will learn more and more about the cause and effects of various camera settings and light conditions which will help you click better photos.
4. Understanding the light
Try shooting in different light conditions during the day. Change the ISO settings, aperture and shutter speed to adjust exposure of your photos and learn how they are related to each other.
5. Focus on your subject and get in close
Decide in your mind what is your main subject in the shot and focus on that element. Get in close with the subject and explore by taking pictures of the same subject from different angles.
6. Photo-editing program
Buy a Good Photo-Editing Program. Perhaps your camera came with Photoshop Elements, or similar. I personally like adobe lightroom and photoshop. If at all you do not have a budget to buy one of these programs you can use GIMP and Pixlr which are available for free down.
7. Use the highest resolution
Using highest resolution for your pictures means you will get lot of scope to edit them in post processing as this may compress image after exporting into the image in JPEG/PNG format.  Try to shoot in RAW format if your camera allows this as it will help you capture good details in your image and give you scope for doing good editing.

(LOTS of photos with your digital camera) + (the above tips) = (a day coming soon when you’ll be proud to show off your creations)

Good Luck!

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